Chart Selector

As well as the standard charts, there are a variety of RitchViewer SmartCharts that are outside-the-box.

When you look at data, the 'Change' from value-to-value can be more important than the actual numbers. RitchViewer SmartCharts include charts that let you see this change, such as step charts, change in value, percentage change, and growth. There are also charts that let you see the difference between historic averages and forecast averages, accumulate values, compound interest or growth percentages, and even show year-on-year seasonality.

The Chart Selector lets you walk through chart grouping. Press play to view a group of 'favourites' that I like to use. 

Growth Chart
Any business that looks at Sales is just as interested in how sales are growing as the absolute value of sales. As you watch the selector rotate through the RitchViewer Smart Charts you will notice a growth chart that supports seeing both the absolute numbers, plus a secondary line chart showing growth.

Step Chart
You will also notice a step chart which is very valuable when looking at a variety of data, for instance Return on Equity or Return on Assets.