Data Selector

The focus of the proceeding features has been on Microsoft Excel. RitchViewer is not restricted to Excel, there just happens to be between 800 million Excel users and 1.2 billion Office users. The mission for RitchViewer is to impact all sources of data on all products. We have designed and/or tested and applied for patents on PDF files, web browsers, Google sheets and some more interesting input sources and outputs.

The RitchViewer Data Selector lets you drag & drop, or cut & paste data onto RitchViewer. Once this happens your data is loaded into a grid on the Data Selector, and you can walk through the data just the same.

In the case of the image on the right, the user has dragged the file 'Table of data.txt' onto RitchViewer, which has caused the Data Selector to appear with that information. The User has then clicked on 'Return on Equity' and RitchViewer Finance Pack has selected a step chart to examine this data.