Enterprise Governance

Enterprise Governance

Spreadsheet are here to stay. As a matter of fact, many sources state that Excel is used for 90% of what some call Business Intelligence functions. That is functions that allow for exploration of business content by Subject Matter Experts, or Reporting Tools for day-to-day functions within business.

At a Senior Management and Boards level, many firm-wide or government-wide business decisions are made based on analysis of data consolidated and presented through the use of Spreadsheets. 

How many times have you been asked or heard the saying:

How do I extract the data to Excel?

From the new Intern to the Subject Matter Experts, the need to extract data from the enterprise database, business intelligence, or even another parties spreadsheet is essential. Enterprise Governance frameworks need to deal with the spreadsheet as a fact of doing business. 

RitchViewer and Enterprise Governance

The RitchViewer product allows the generators and receivers of spreadsheets to visually explore the data presented, and collaborate on insights of the data presented. 

Early adopter of RitchViewer resolves long running dispute
One of the early adopters of RitchViewer was tied up in a lengthy case of what you might call a potentially faulty model. The legal teams for both sides were paying expensive fees for subject matter experts to debate aspects of the model and the process. A resolution was quickly reached as a consequence of simply being able to visualise the models in question using RitchViewer, more... This was an external problem, but the same rules and same solutions apply inside an large or small enterprise.

Collaboration - Changing Behaviour Inside Enterprises
Our understanding of all kinds of information is shaped by our physical interaction with that information. Co-authoring has its place in organisations, but the majority of projects are worked on separately with teams coming together to share or explore insights. This is where RitchViewer's unique characteristics of embracing modern day social communication's instant gratification works with your Enterprise Governance agenda. Through collaboration, RitchViewer allows teams to walk together through data in real-time opening the doors to greater working collaboration.

You organisation no longer need to be locked into fixed charts for explaining data. They can present their spreadsheet and refer directly to the source allowing more eyes to do what people do best, find anomalies or insights through visualisation of data.

Just point, click, share, discuss, evaluate, explore - as a team.


BYOD Devices

The BYOD, or "bring your own device", trend has unleashed a deluge of different devices on the enterprise. Enterprise Managers are struggling to accommodate, support and secure all of the devices and their differing operating systems and features. Business users are introducing new devices to improve productivity and efficiency as well as deal with the fact that the legacy Microsoft desktop was leapfrogged by concepts introduced by the smart phone. In 2015 alone, there were 1.43 billion smart phone produced, compare with an estimated 1.2 billion active Microsoft Windows desktops. There are 1.5 million apps on iPhone.

Image extracted from Tableau Software Q3, 2015 Investor Presentation

Microsoft is gradually combating this with the introduction of products in their BI suite. In an interview in 2014 Microsoft recognised these products were suitable for 6-8% of users, but aspired to get that number to 20-40%. Similarly in the Q3, 2015 Tableau Investors report put the BI market at 17% of Information Workers, while Excel was used as a BI tool by 59% of Information Workers.

Making the Desktop more Engaging

At the most basic level, one of the reasons BYOD is popular today is that these newer devices are more fun to work with. The Microsoft desktop is evolving to meet the need for instant gratification and animation, but to-date appears to be missing the mark.

At RitchViewer, we have developed an easy to use visualisation and animation tool that we believe caters for 100% of Information Workers; that is not just the 363 millions Excel+ information workers identified by Tableau Software, but also for first time or unsophisticated Microsoft Excel users that to date may have seen a spreadsheet as just a glorified calculator or a way of laying out a table of data.

Now with one-click RitchViewer brings the spreadsheet to life using visualisation and animation

We believe that RitchViewer will open up products like Microsoft Excel to the full 615 million information workers identified by Tableau. 

Every piece of data is a story waiting to be told; RitchViewer helps tell those stories.

Even if you are one of the other 800 million active Microsoft Excel users, then:

RitchViewer adds a new dimension to your desktop;

RitchViewer embraces the new age of instant gratification;

RitchViewer visualizes and animates everyday information that is presented on the desktop.

In the short video below you can see how easy it is for a novice. Instant gratification means there are:

  • No menus to go through

  • No placing of fixed charts

  • No highlighting arrays of data you want to chart

Just point at a single piece of data & click.