As you move through your workbook looking at data, you might want to earmark certain charts as favourites. Using Favourites allows you to return later and review the same data, or to share what you regard as important aspects of the model with a client or colleague who can also click on each favourite and explore the model.

You can access Favourites:

  • from the Microsoft Excel Toolbar using the ‘Favourites’ item; or

  • through the RitchViewer© Options menu – move your mouse in the bottom 10% of the RitchViewer© Window and then select ‘Options’.

In the following illustration you can see the interaction between Favourites, RitchViewer, and Excel. In this case we have chosen not just to show the favourites, but to be taken to the ‘Chart Location’. This way we get to see the underlying data that accompanies the chart.

How to walk through favourites:

If Favourites has been set previously, then you have two ways to walk through the Favourite charts. You can leave ‘Chart Locations’ unchecked to stay on your current worksheet yet see the chosen charts, or check ‘Chart Locations’ and have the location of the source data appear with the chart animation.

Take a look at the workbooks supplied in the Help Samples installed with RitchViewer©.

How to add favourites

Adding favourites is easy. Just set the chart up over the data you like, and in Favourites press the ‘Add Current Chart’ tab.