Reveal the Hidden

As a Manager I am delivered many different third party models, so this feature of Revealing the Hidden is one of the most valuable tools for Insight.

In the short video below, you can see that the analyst's model only has accessible columns for FY11 to FY18. You could work through the model and unhide more columns, but RitchViewer does all that for you. With a key stroke, RitchViewer is able to reveal the hidden data so the new series for 'Cash & Cash Equivalents' has another decade of data points, now from FY01 to FY18.

The insight gained from extending the years shows a different long-term relationship between  'Cash & Cash Equivalents' against 'Total Assets' than the shorter period of FY11 to FY15. As a contrast to the Analyst's sudden increase in forecast years of FY16 to FY18.
Questions can then be raised: Is this a structural change for the company? Has the Analyst made mistakes in the model? What were the drivers for the increase, and how do I explore this?