Instant Graphics

For those first time users, a spreadsheet was just a glorified calculator or a way of laying out a table of data. Now with one-click RitchViewer brings the spreadsheet to life using visualisation and animation. If you are one of the other 400 million Microsoft Office users that barely use or maybe never used Excel; then RitchViewer will change your view of what a spreadsheet is. 

Every piece of data is a story waiting to be told; RitchViewer helps tell those stories.

Even if you are one of the other 800 million active Microsoft Excel users, then:

  • RitchViewer adds a new dimension to your desktop;
  • RitchViewer embraces the new age of instant gratification;
  • RitchViewer visualizes  and animates everyday information that is presented on the desktop.

In the short video below you can see how easy it is for a novice. Instant gratification means there are:

  • No menus to go through
  • No placing of fixed charts
  • No highlighting arrays of data you want to chart

Just point at a single piece of data & click.

Fast Fact:
"The first set of attorneys that worked on drawing up the patent liked the product so much they asked to use RitchViewer to visualize patent data."