An Introduction to Features


The focus of these feature pages will be primarily directed towards Microsoft Excel, however RitchViewer is not restricted to Excel. Using the Data Selector an ever expanding number of data sources can be utilized. Commercially however; there just happens to be between 800 million Excel users and 1.2 billion Office users all able to get immediate benefit from RitchViewer.

We want to introduce a new paradigm of what a desktop can be.

RitchViewer is not a simple dashboard tool, memory database graphing tool, or Business Intelligence (BI) tool built by a team of rocket scientists. RitchViewer is unique and enables you to explore relationships, gather insights, and reveal the stories buried on your desktop.

The mission of RitchViewer is to impact all sources of data on all products. We have designed and/or tested and applied for patents on PDF files, web browsers, Google sheets, and some more interesting input sources and info-graphical outputs that we will reveal over time. As our new user base, you can have your say on where we should focus our goals; and we will listen.

The following features will walk you from RitchViewer's powerful ability to bring data to life, through the workings of PathFinder, the very unique Smartgraph Error Detection Technology, insights from Second-Order data visualization, and onto our first specialist Pack - RitchViewer Finance Pack.

We hope you are as fascinated with what the desktop can be as we are!