Keyword Association


One of the core aspects of RitchViewer is how we match charts and info-graphics to Keywords. As you walk through your data, RitchViewer is constantly interpreting row and column labels, as well as surrounding data to decide the most appropriate first chart.

RitchViewer matches Labels or part Labels with Keywords that contain one or more charts for data association. The concept of more than one chart associated with a Keyword is very important and very unique. That's why we put it in our patent.

In the image on the left, the Keyword 'Sales' is matched against six different chart types. So if you walk through data that has the word 'Sales' somewhere in the associated Label, RitchViewer will offer you the 'Growth' chart. With the swipe of a mouse you can then move between all six charts listed.

This does not block you from using the Chart Selector to choose a different way to look at your data, it just facilitates ease of moving through your data.

Worksheet Chart Override


There are times where you do not want Keywords to come into affect, but rather you want set charts associated with a source document, such as a worksheet.


In the video below, we are looking at monthly statistics for the airline Cathay Pacific. Rather than allowing Keyword association to occur, we have specified four charts to associate with this worksheet. Those charts being 'Forecast Polynomial', 'Line', 'Forecast Linear', and 'Seasonality' charts, as shown on the right.

Worksheet Override