RitchViewer Packs


RitchViewer as a standalone package is a very powerful mechanism to explore insights or just graph data in real-time. It certainly redefines the desktop.

We have started to create specialised "Packs" to facilitate different industries and roles. Our first "Pack" is RitchViewer Finance Pack but we are not stopping there. Based on the needs of our wider group of users, we will be extending to other "Packs", a sample of which is shown on the left hand side.

What does a Pack Mean?

For RitchViewer Finance Pack; It means some specialist charts and info-graphics that may only be relevant to sections of the finance industry.
It also means that we have worked through Keyword associations for financial models. For instance, when you look at Sales or Revenue in the finance industry you always want to see growth. When you look at 'Return on Assets' or 'Return on Equity' you want to see a step chart. When you look at a margin, like 'EBIT Margin', or say 'Capex to Sales', you want to compare history versus forecast margins.

The RitchViewer Finance Pack caters for these needs and more.