PathFinder allows you to not only walk down a formula, but also to see each data point in context of its surrounding data points.

Let me say that again: Not only do you see the formula breakdown, but you see how each part of the formula relates to its surrounding values.

As you watch the video, the first thing you see is the user double-clicks on the FY18 column for "Total Current Assets". From there as they drill-down, PathFinder shows the value, the formula, and importantly the Label for each new component. In parallel RitchViewer shows how that value relates with its surrounding. This is unique, and yields amazing insights.   {This technique is registered in our patent.}

Fast Fact
PathFinder easily walks between sheets and workbooks. Watch the video more carefully and you will see many of the Cells are on the 'CF' sheet whereas we started on the 'BS' sheet. When PathFinder reaches a formula that is in an unopened workbook, then PathFinder will offer to open that new workbook so that it can continue telling you stories.