Rotate between Rows & Columns

With a simple mouse movement you can easily move from walking down rows to alternatively walking across columns.

The following video shows a model for Boeing company, and the revenue it makes from New Plane sales. In the opening chart you see the Total New Plane Revenue year-on-year grow from a range of 20-30 billion for 10 years to a forecast 66 billion.

Once the chart is rotated a different perspective is given. Here you watch as the user walks from column-to-column or in data perspective from quarter-on-quarter. Now the impact on New Plane Revenue from different airliner models, becomes evident across time thanks to the uniquely patented RitchViewer.

You can see the two airliner models that dominate Sales Revenue with a steady growth from the Boeing 737 coupled with the new growth of the Boeing777 airliner.

Fast Fact:
As with all the data shown by RitchViewer, these numbers are for demonstration purposes only. RitchViewer does not hold itself out to be licensed for supplying investment information.