Smartgraph Error Detection Technology

Smartgraph Error Detection Technology is just that.

As RitchViewer walks through the data, a rules-based system will visually highlight anomalies based on the installed "Pack" you are running, the Keywords associated with the Label, and any other data relationships it can establish.

As you watch the video below, you can see that once SEDT is turned on in RitchViewer, anomalies are highlighted. In the video, the user is walking down a Balance Sheet. When the users walks to the row labelled "PP&E" meaning "Property Plant & Equipment", SEDT highlights FY18E with a red border. For those reading who are not financially minded, "Property Plant & Equipment" are the company's assets. If you look at the graph for "PP&E", you can see steady growth through all the companies history. In the forecast years, the Analyst suddenly has the company assets falling. Simple observation tells you that this is most likely wrong. As we are running RitchViewer Finance Pack, the rules based system for Fixed Assets on a balance sheet is applied and Smart Error Detection Technology presents the modelling error to you. 

The video stops at this point, but the story does not. The unique combination of Smart Error Detection TechnologyPathFinder and RitchViewer allows you to drill down and see the drivers for the error.

Fast Fact
We pronounce SEDT as 'Sed-It'.
SEDT was invented by Cameron Ritchie as a tool when finishing his Master of Science in Theoretical Chemistry which straddles the vibrant interfaces between chemistry, physics, material design, and biology. His project encompassed many applications of mathematical and computational techniques in order to predict aggregation conditions of various particles with applications in industry chemical processes and the design of drug delivery vehicles.
So when you see Financial Models in our examples, remember the origin of this product and imagine the future.