Walking Through Data

Whether you 'own' the spreadsheet or are trying to master one supplied to you; RitchViewer allows you to simply walk through the data.

  • The complex is made simple
  • Animation and visualisation helps to identify key variables and relationships
  • RitchViewer moves the spreadsheet from a data repository to a source of insights

As you watch this video, see the relationships reach out to you and tell their story. Watch the insights that come from simple animation. Visualizing the data points and their relationships across time, relative to their Pivot Row being "Total Assets" for the Balance sheet. Walking down the balance sheet, and seeing the data from row-to-row.

It doesn't matter what you do with a Microsoft Excel chart, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers or another third-party chart, you just don't get these Insights.

If you are an experienced Financial Analyst; imagine how much this speaks to a client or perhaps an assistant analyst. A picture tells a thousand words.

Fast Fact
"Earlier we discussed a non-Excel user experiencing Excel financial models for the first time. With the aid of RitchViewer Finance Pack she now talks like a seasoned analyst discussing Balance Sheet strength, Working Capital impacts on valuation, What to do with excess capital; yet she is still a novice."